Capemaster Flesher

Submitted by Lance on 1/20/01. ( )

Hey Fellas,
I'm going to order the Capemaster Flesher and need to know if there is a good video that shows proper technique and proceedures? No sense in spending that much cash and not use it properly. Thanks guys!

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GOOD fleshing video

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 1/20/01. ( )

Hi Lance,

We have a one hour video that explaines all the details and
tricks of the trade to get the best results out of your machines.
It shows you how to hold and present the skin, how to adjust the
guards, HOW TO SHARPEN, how to do edges, corners, the ears, nose,
eyes, lips, etc. We also work on a fat black bear and a raw
racoon skin plus the doo's and the don'ts.

It sells for $25.00 and can be ordered by phone, 1-800-567-5080.
If the purchasser of our video decides to buy our machine, this
price is deducted for the total sale. (it is supplied with
each machine.)

Any Machine?

This response submitted by jhart on 1/20/01. ( )

Hello Gerard :
Just wondering if your video covers ALL fleshing machines? I purchased a Dakota Fleshing Machine, from a taxidermist going out of business, however I have no idea how to use it. Each time I've tried, I spend a week sewing up holes. It has been sitting now for two years. I thought about selling it, but I know if I do, I'll wish I had it back so I just put it in storage hoping someday someone would tell me about a video that covers ALL machines. Let me know huh?

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