Washing tanned capes

Submitted by Ralph on 1/21/01. ( )

Can I wash My mammels after they have had the tanning oil applied and given time to absorb.

Some advise would be much appreciated.

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Nope! I wouldn't!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/21/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

The time to wash a cape or any skin is when its in the pickle. I usually plull out the cape, shave it, degrease it (if it needs it), then wash it good (not soak it), and then return it to the pickle at least overnight - or until I'm ready to neutralize and tan it. I never wash the cape or skin after tanning until it has dried, either on the form or I've finished it for rugs or garments.

Tanning oils can be washed back out, also some tans, so washing after the tan is taboo! You can simply rinse it in plain water after the tan, but stay away from washing. You could end up with hard spots.


This response submitted by Ralph on 1/22/01. ( )

I am glad I posted this, just got some bad info from another taxidermist.

Thanks Mr. Rittle.

liqiid tanned hides

This response submitted by tom s on 1/26/01. ( )

when using liquid tann, i let the liquid soak in for six houre. then instead of tumbling in sawdust, could i wash in warm water with a little dawn added to remove the excess oil? would it harm the skin?thanks. tom

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