Picklin in the cold.

Submitted by Todd T on 1/21/01. ( deertodd@aol.com )

Will low temperatures affect the pickling of my capes. I use liqua tan. I have read that low temps affect the pickle, but never have heard about the pickle.

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Pickling Temps......

This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 1/21/01. ( racksnfinstax@hotmail.com )

Todd, I have been taught,told,and everything I ever read said you should pickle at room temp. I've always done this and had no ill effects or problems with this. It seems to me that pickling at room temp is a proven method and wouldn't alter or stray from doing any skins or capes this way. Maybe Bruce Rittel could elaborate on this a little more. Or try searching the archives, as there is a ton of info in there on tanning skins/capes. Good luck, Kent

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