Thinning Buffalo robe with mini flesher?

Submitted by Curt on 1/21/01. ( )

I've got four buffalo hides coming in this week that I will be tanning into robes. I was wondering how a mini flesher would work for shaving a hide laced into a frame? I have a full size fleshing machine and large enough work surface to handle a hide that size but heavy is heavy and if there is another way to thin them without herniating myself I'm all ears!

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This response submitted by H on 1/21/01. ( )

Those aren't the four that Rob had for a day are they?


This response submitted by Curt on 1/21/01. ( )

These were some that had gotten out of their enclosure and had to be destroyed this past week.

A time buster

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 1/22/01. ( )

Yes it will do the job but I would stay with the big fleshing machine. The time it would take you to do it with the mini-flesher compared to the large one. Come on do you have that much time to waste?

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