Hair has slipped and

Submitted by Donna on 1/21/01. ( )

I don't know why... I just went through the steps of tanning a squirrel...i did everything step by step..i did not take short cuts nor was i greedy with anything,yet the hair still slipped on the ears and armpit area...i would say maybe bacteria,but that can't be,I killed the squirrel my self and skinned it pretty much as soon as i got into the house...what would cause the hair to slip if it isn't a bacteria? The past 3 days i have mounted animals and i skinned,fleshed.salted,pickled and so on the same way as i did the squirrel and they turned out perfect....HELP PLEASE!
I have 2 gray fox coming soon and i would hate to have the hair slip on them....i use Liqua-Tan and follow the direction for quick mount and this went wrong...Any help would be Great...

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Qiuck mount thats what went wrong.

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I hear many people having troubles with L/T when doing the short cuts. My advice is salt pickle neut. and then L/T I have not had that trouble with it, but its been a few years since I used it on a regular basis. JOhn C

Salt Dry Hard

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Donna, you never said exactly how you do each step, but make sure when you salt, that the skin gets rock hard before you pickle it. I use Liqua-tan and have not had a problem with my squirrels since I let them dry rock hard.

Thanks Gentleman! (John C & Len G.

This response submitted by Donna on 1/22/01. ( )

Len G & John C
Thanks for the input,it does help when you can turn to this place for answers but i think i might have the problem understood and inhand now,Thanks to someone else who read my posting...
Thanks to the 2 of you and everyone else on here for all the help you all offer people.

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