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I have 2 mule deer capes in the freezer,when i received them they were semi froze,they were taken in Sask.Canada ,I'm in N.Y.
They are both pretty bloody.I have them in the freezer and am ready to start on them.I was wondering the safest way to thaw them out,and should i wash them off first before first fleshing,or should i remove the red meat and split lips,eyes,and open ears,I don't want to lose these capes to slippage, any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
I have bactericide nb. Thank alot,
Jeff S.

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Salt Water

This response submitted by Jeff Apple on 1/21/01. ( )

You can safely thaw the capes in lukewarm salt saturated water. Pull the cape apart as it thaws and in about 15 - 20 you can rinse thoroughly clean with cold water. Hang for 15 minutes or so to drain. Lay the cape on towels while you split the lips, eyes, etc. to soak up moisture. You can even salt the cape while you are working on it. Works for me - all the time.


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You can use some Blood Eater in your wash also.Get a hold of Bruce Rittel for his line of products.At

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