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I have a nice coyote hide that got sprayed by a skunk. I thought
that when I got it back from the tannery that the process would have
gotten rid of the odor. Most of the odor is gone but there is still
enough of the smell left and I would like to try and get rid of it.
I've seen several products available but most require you to
soak/treat them prior to the tanning process. I'm leary of soaking
a skin in anything too long after I get it back from the tannery.
This is a really nice skin that I want to lifesize and I really
don't want to lose it. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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Joe, this works well....

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/22/01. ( )

Grandpop taught me this trick and it works quite well. I even took a direct hit from a skunk in a hav-a hart and this worked. Get a pile of green leaves, preferably from a decidous tree but I've used Rhododendron and it worked, kindle a fire and pile the leaves on, they'll smoke like mad, put your yote on a stick and wave it through the smoke. Something in the burning leaves creates an enzyme that totally eradicates the smell. Then hit it with a shot of *Fabreeze to rid of smoke smell. E mail me if this doesn't make sense or you have any questions. I destink all the skunks I mount this way.

Kristoph I'm curious

This response submitted by PaulB on 1/22/01. ( )

how big was the stick that you were attached to and where did you find someone strong enough to wave you through the smoke when you got sprayed?

(just joking of coarse)


This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/22/01. ( )

Like your humor.....I took the "hit" in the face and hands, actually stained me orange. The wife said I was "camping out" that night so into the smoke went my head and hands. I was shocked at how quickly it took the stain and stink off. Especially since I'd tried all the worthless products "guaranteed" to remove the smell to no avail previously.After I made that initial post and hit "submit" I knew someone was going to ask who I got to shove a stick up my a** and wave me through the smoke!


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Too funny!


Skunk under the shed

This response submitted by Beth on 6/18/01. ( )

Help! Wee have a skunk living under our shed. We don't want to hurt it but it has to go. How can we get rid of it?

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