porcupine tanning

Submitted by ron on 1/23/01. ( razoo28385@aol.com )

for a project in one of my college courses, i chose to prepare a mount of a porcupine, i am wondering if there is any one with some good tips on how to tan the hide, i have access to all necessary tanning equipment here, but i want to know what will happen with the quills?

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This response submitted by Mike B on 1/23/01. ( mbush@accn.org )

I just finished mounting a porcupine. I tanned it with e-z 100 just followed the instructions that came with it and used proplus oil. I had no problem with losing quills. Oh I used saftee acid for the pickle and I did not tumble it. Just mounted it after the oil soaked in for eight hours.

one other important note

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/24/01. ( )

Hope you guys didnt forget to degrease that skin...a must! Yes, I just did another one, too.

Be Careful

This response submitted by M.T. on 1/24/01. ( )

theres nothing worse than getting a small black quill from the tail of a porky stuck straight into the end of your thumb.I always wear leather gloves when salting,washing or tanning these rodents.


This response submitted by Mike B on 1/25/01. ( )

Yes I degreased right after the pickle.Thanks for mentioning that. The directions for the e-z 100 tell you to if needed and porcupines do. I was suprised just how greasy these animals are.

Cut the quills

This response submitted by Been there on 1/25/01. ( )

I learned that if you get a quill stuck in you, if you cut
it in half it let's the "vaccum" off and they come out of
your fingers easier. I've done 2 porcupines, my first and
my last. Good luck.

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