Rehydration Bath

Submitted by Lance on 1/24/01. ( )

My question is this:
How many times can the rehydration bath be used? Can it be used indefinatly or is there some form of standard to follow? I'm wondering because I've got a cape ready to be put in to be rehydrated and the formula seems very dirty and has a red tint from a cape that had blood in it. Also, how long will a salt dried cape keep and is there a proceedure to fallow to keep it in this state ?

PS. I've used the 2 lbs. of salt to 1 gallon of water method!
Figured you may need to know this to give a good answer !

Thanks, Lance!

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Rehydrate in a clean solution.

This response submitted by Gordon on 1/24/01. ( )

Lance, I'm not an expert yet on tanning, but I think I know the answer to this one. I would rehydrate only in a clean solution. As the cape rehydrates it will be pulling some of the dirty water back into the hyde, giving bacteria more of a feeding ground later. It's ok to put more than one cape at a time in the solution, but you should use a clean solution for your next batch of skins.

good answer

This response submitted by Dave on 1/24/01. ( )

Gordon said it all! a rehydration bath is cheep , why risk an expensive cape?

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