Salted & Fleshed-what's next?

Submitted by chris on 1/27/01. ( )

This is my first attempt at playing with a skin. I have a deer hide which I
have already salted and fleshed. It remained out in the cold in the garage
and seems to be in great condition. I salted it heavily 3-4 times and
fleshed it in between saltings. It is stretched nicely and is hard but
pliable. I'm planning on using the hide as a throw or to hang. I would
like to try to tan it. I've been reading most of the tanning questions
and wonder what the next step is? Do I have to rehydrate-pickle or is that
done to help remove flesh? I have removed 95% of all the flesh/fat/muscle.
Where can I get tanning solutions easily? Is the hide ready to tan? Thanks!

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This response submitted by eric on 1/27/01. ( )

if its alreadt thing for you to do in my opinion would be to get a WASCO catalog or go to the home page here and order a hair on tanning try and explain the entire process here on the forum would just be too much....all the materials you would need can also be obtained right off the home page WASCO catalog...

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