First Bear

Submitted by W.S on 1/27/01. ( )

I'm in the process of mounting my first Bear.
I would like to do the tanning process myself.
I plan to use a Citric Acid pickle and Liqua-tan,
but looking for information on "Degreasing".
I would really appreciate any advice.
Thanks much!

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Domestic and Manifactured Degreasers

This response submitted by R.C. Brown on 1/27/01. ( )

You don't need me to tell you that there is quite a task ahead.
I have always found White Kerosene or Denatured Alcohol to be cost effective and successful at degreasing beaver, pork skin, and bear. These 2 can be found at most Hardware Stores or farm supplies. You will have to flesh the hide completely before degreasing and wash the degreasing agent completely from the hair and skin before your next step. WASCO or Van Dyke's offer less flammable alternatives that are equally effective. Use caution with the 2 I listed above, "burn one" after you are through rinsing the hide and your hands clean.

Will mineral spirits work?

This response submitted by Danny Moore on 1/29/01. ( )

Ive got a bear to tan for a rug mount and was wondering if mineral spirits would work as a degreaseing agent.Dont get many of them here in Indiana.

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