Warm Water?

Submitted by Chuck B. on 1/27/01. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

I have what is probably a very simple question. Is it safe to use warm (not hot) water in the pickle solution to aid in dissolving the salt? I'm going to use Saftee-Acid followed by EZ-100. To all of you guys who take the time to answer these simple questions, my "HAT IS OFF!" to you. I checked the archives on pickling, but nothing about water temperature. Thank you for your input, I promise you it is greatly appreciated!

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Hot Water

This response submitted by Sherry Helmick on 1/27/01. ( shelmick@cfw.com )

I use citric acid but it probably would work the same. I mix mine with how water and let it sit overnight to cool. Then before I put my hides in I check the PH and the salt content of the cooled mixture. The salt dissolves really fast in the hot water. Hope this helps. Sherry H.


This response submitted by Pete T on 1/27/01. ( tebtax@aol.com )

Chuck,I also use the Rittels Safety acid Pickle and Tan my capes with Knoblochs Liquatan or EZTan.If I make a pickle using 15 or 20 gallons of water,I measure and add Salt First,then add 5 Gal of Hot Water,mix well then add the remainder water cool,add safety acid accordind to specifications,let cool then check the pH.It should read at 1.0.Hope this helps and if you need further help,Email me...Pete T


This response submitted by Chuck B. on 1/28/01. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

Thank You for thr help! Trying tanning for the first time, just wanted to be sure before I get started! Thanks again for your input!

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