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Submitted by mj on 1/28/01. ( )

Can someone tell me if I can just use liquitan after salting a cape.Does the hide need to be pickled first,or is that just so you can shave the hide thin.Can I take the cape off the deer,flesh it,salt it,wash it,spin it out,and then apply liquitan?

thanks so much

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/28/01. ( )

you asked too damn many questions for a quick answer, but I'll try to keep it simple.

You CAN use liquitan without pickling, but the best way is to pickle.
The pickling process helps prep the skin so it absorbs the tanning chemicals better, allowing you to get a better, more consistent tan.
pickling is more important with tanned skins and rugs than it is with capes.

you can do your steps as you list them, as long as the salting step includes several days to allow the skin to drain and dry. If you don't, then you are wasting salt and risking slippage.

hope that helps.

MJ you can but you are asking for things to happen

This response submitted by John C on 1/28/01. ( )

Doing a cape the way you speak, more than likly you can encounter troubles, these could be just a soured smell to hair slipping.

If you dont have anything to pickle with, you can use vinegar 5% in a empergency. The pickle help the skin accept a tan, by distroying the protein base in the hide, the L-T then re[laces it with oils and something that almost looks like a wax (when set out and allowed to evaporate.

Should you chose to do it the way you speak of, use the BEST HIDE PASTE EPO-GRIP that way you can force dry the deer after the 5th day. This should stop the sour smell.

Other wise pickle it.

spray tann

This response submitted by ken graf on 1/28/01. ( )

MJ Try useing Ben Mears spray tan cant get any easyer than that Ken

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