Help! Tanned Bison Hide Stiff!

Submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 1/28/01. ( )

Help! Tanned a bison hide...when it completely dried, after working it, it is pretty stiff...too much for the customer, anyway. How can I soften it, or better yet, is there somewhere I send it and let them "soften" it? The customer said he'd be willing to pay the extra. Did a smaller one (calf) and it turned out ok, but this is a much larger bison. This one is alum tanned. (In the future I'll send ALL large hides out! Too big to handle!). Thanks for any help on this!

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stiff bison

This response submitted by Jeff Lewis on 1/30/01. ( )

start chewing,ha ha. on a more serious note, try soaking with borax solution then rub in neatsfoot oil. good luck

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