Ph level after hides are placed in pickle

Submitted by kevin on 1/29/01. ( )

I just started to do tanning and I am using Saftee acid. When I mix up my solution, it is at a ph of 1. After I put my hides in the solution,( I usually do two at a time), the ph goes up to 2.5. Is this O.K., or should I keep the ph at a 1.0 level even after the hides are in the pickle solution? Also, if I use more baking soda then is recommened, is that going to effect anything?(A whole box for six gallons of water.) Thanks for all of your help. Just by rading the different questions you can learn quit a bit.

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get it down!

This response submitted by kevin on 1/29/01. ( )

hey kev you better get the ph level back down to the 1.0 to 1.5
range. letting it remain at 2.5 for very long and i tthink you
may be asking for hair slip problems, good luck kevin


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Kevin:Did you add enough Salt? Remember 1 Lb of salt for every Gallon of water then add .5oz of Safety Acid for every Gallon of Salt/water.
use hot water so the salt can disolve,let cool then check the salt level with a salinometer.It should read 40% or higher,If not add more salt.Then check your pH it should read 1.0 if it's higher,add more Safety Acid and recheck.Place your skins in the Pickle for a Min.of 3 days.If your pH is over 1.0-1.5 add another .5 oz of Safety Acid,Mix well then recheck pH.I hope this helps.Email me if you need further help...Pete T


This response submitted by kevin on 1/29/01. ( )

I did check the salt and it was at 40%. I put it in the pickle for three days. The ph. was at 2.5. After I soaked them for three days, I fleshed them, neutralized, hung for one hour to drain, and then put into tanning solution. I pulled them out of the tanning solution after 19 hours. I then let them hang for a couple of hours, rolled them up and put in a bag and into the freezer. Before I put them in the bag, I checked for any slipping and they looked good. Should I be O.K. on these hides? When I am ready to mount them, do I just pull them out of the freezer, tumble, and mount? For now on I will make sure the ph is 1.0 in the pickle. Thanks again for all of your help. Hope I didn't mess these hides up!

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