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Submitted by jim on 1/30/01. ( )

Bruce, I asked the question about oiling the tanned hide. I have already tanned the hide and it is in the freezer. Can I still oil it, or is it to late? The hide was still quit damp when I put it in the freezer.

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/30/01. ( )

When you remove the skin from the freezer and thaw it - you have to wait for it to warm up to room temperature before applying the oil - otherwise, it simply will not penetrate well. This causes a problem. The skin in the meantime will be losing a lot of water and the fibers will in turn, collapse, again, causing the skin not to absorb the oil well. It's too bad you didnt oil it and sweat in the oil "before" damp drying it and then freezing it.

To compensate for all the problems I mentioned above - I would allow it to thaw and warm up - then soak it in a cool to lukewarm mild salt solution (8 ozs. per each 1 gallon of water used) for 1 hour to try and rehydrate it slightly. Then rinse it off, and oil it, sweat in the oil, damp dry it and then freeze it until your ready to work with it.

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