Salt in Bulk in Wisconsin

Submitted by Bryan B. on 1/30/01. ( )

I was wondering if there is someplace in Wisconsin where I could buy 50 lb. bags of salt for salting capes? I live in the Milwaukee area however I occasionally travel to other parts of the state. I don't need the salt right away and I could pick some up on a trip if I can get it somewhere else in the state.

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Try this

This response submitted by Rob on 1/30/01. ( )

Try the local grain mill or farm store both should carry it in 50# bags.Hope this helps ROB

Try Cargill

This response submitted by BobB on 1/30/01. ( )


I live in rural Wisc and buy my 50lb bags, form a variety of places, to include feed store, co-ops, and farm & fleet. I have in the past gotten 25 lb bags from Sams.

Realizing that Milw doesn't have many farm stores, that do have a large cargil salt facility along the lake's western shore. If I lived close to Milw, I bet that I would find them as my cheapest source for salt.

Good luck in your search

Yellow Pages.

This response submitted by John C on 1/30/01. ( )

Look at Bobs post.

try Fleet Farm

This response submitted by Leon on 1/31/01. ( )

try Fleet Farm they save salt for $50.00 and I think is for less than 5.00 go to the farming section, it is a red bag, it is sold as food for animals just check the contects wit should say NaCA.... which is the formula for salt


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