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Can someone explain to me the proceedure for adding salt to pickle?
I've had my capes in the pickle for 6 days and have kept the ph to 2.0. My question is how do I know when to have to add more salt ? I've got a salimeter. Please explain this to me ?
Thanks ,Lance!

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Float it

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You simply float the glass tube, the water level on the tube gives you your salt%. Most would recommend salt between 40% - 45%. Much above those levels may be just wasting salt.

I start my pickles at 43% and don't really worry about them again still the hides have been removed and I then clean and refresh the pickle before starting off with new hides, capes.

I do check my pH several times each day (record in a log)until the pickle is stablized. Then until I begin shaving the hides in that batch, I only spot check the pickle.

Hope I answered your questions.

Drop it in

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the pickle. See where the water line is. The numbers in the tube is the salt concentration in per-cent. Should be around 40 to 45 per cent. If you are using 1 lb. salt per gal of water, it should be in that range. If not, add more salt to start with. Make sure it gets dissolved. The salt won't evaporate, the water and (formic) acid will.
Hope this helped.
Dan K

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