Auto-tanning vs sit &soak

Submitted by Doug on 1/31/01. ( )

My question is why must you salt and dry the skin to set the hair with the sit&soak method and it is not necessary with the auto-tanners. Can the salting be skiped with the soaking method? Thanks in advance for your info.

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Autotanning and salting

This response submitted by Kent on 1/31/01. ( )

Doug, I wouldn't reccomend skipping the salting on either tanning method. I auto tan most of my skins/capes and wouldn't think of not salting them dry. I look at it this way, Commercial Tanneries don't skip the salting stage, why should I? Not salting your skins in my opinion is an invitation for problems.(slippage) Bruce Rittel would be the person to ask. Think of it this way, Salt is cheaper than replacing a skin. Good luck, Kent


This response submitted by len on 2/11/01. ( )

I feel it depends on the type of hide you are tanning. I myself as a home tanner find it easier to work with a hide that has not been salted hard. It softens up easier and tans fine. I tan beaver, otter mostly. I have never salted and have never had one slip. For haired animals like deer I would be sure to salt. Salting I feel on a fresh properly skinned animal is a step that a lot of times can be skipped.

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