Saftee Acid - Liquid Tan/Lutan

Submitted by JEM on 2/6/01. ( )

Years ago when I was just starting to learn taxidermy I tanned a few deer capes with liquidtan. Not knowing much better and on a low budget, I did not pickel (just double salted)the capes and the fleshing was all done by hand with a filleting knife. Results were as you can guess. I then starting using a commercial tanner and got my hides wet tanned (I think it is a Lutan tan). THis works great and am satisfied with the stretch. However the dely for tanning has me debating trying tanning once again (I will this time use a fleshing machine).
Question is how difficult is it using a saftee acid, liquidtan process. What about the Lutan option I see in Noonies catalog. Next year I would like to buy an autotanner. My budget is such that I can buy the flashing machine this year (Quebec lite) and the tanner next year. Am I better off waiting until I can swing both or is the batch and wait method not as scary as it seems?

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Saftee Acid-Liqua-tan

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/7/01. ( )

They will work out just fine. I've use this plus Rittel's EZ-100. You will have no problems. Just pickle for 3 days take out shave, repickle for a day then netrulize drip dry some and apply the liqua-tan. I don't use Lutan so you need to get advise from someone else.

As for the fleshing machine get the best you can afford. You will here many stories on this subject. But so far as the best on the market is either the Eager Beaver-( I have this one) or Raw Hide (George has this one). They are a bit more costly but you will not be sorry. What they do compared to the rest is quite different. There set up is much easier and easy to use.

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