Which to use?- Tanneries

Submitted by Tyler Butcher on 2/6/01. ( tyty49@hotmail.com )

I'm just getting back in the indistry and I want to know of a cheap tannery. I've been trying to find some info over the net, but I've been unsuccessful. Some of the tanneries that I have found were asking outragus prices! If you can help me please do so. Thanks

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Try Hair Hide and Fur in Montana

This response submitted by Joe on 2/6/01. ( )

Tyler-give Hair Hide and Fur a call. They do an excellant job and are
very reasonalbly priced. There number is 406-726-3227. Joe


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/7/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

The cheapest one around is do it yourself. There is none better or cheaper. But if you want quality you pay for it.


This response submitted by Dan R on 2/10/01. ( deerstuffer@hotmail.com )

Arlington Cape in Ohio. If you want cheap work then pay cheap prices. If you want quality go with the above.

taning services

This response submitted by Fur For Fun on 2/10/01. ( hramirez@pmt.org )

Hi my name is hector Ramirez we have stared a bussnes on tanning for garment and taxidermy tanning I my self was runing Moyle Mink & tanniry and I am tanning for my self and other customers so if you want to give as a try can do so thankyou. email: hramirez@pmt.org web:home.pmt.org/~hramirez look at the web site for prices thankyou!

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