Fleshing Machine

Submitted by Chuck B. on 2/6/01. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

I would like to know some info about the Quebec Lite fleshing machine. Where can I purchase one? What Approximate price should it be? And is this a "QUALITY" machine? Thanks in advance for the info that you give! Great to see the website back! Was about to go out of my mind without it!

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Give Gerard a call

This response submitted by Gordon on 2/6/01. ( pettie@tnns.net )

Chuck, I haven't bought one yet, but I'm about to make the plunge. This machine is still fairly new; but I haven't heard anything bad about them yet. You need to give Gerard a call at 1-800-567-5080 and he'll personally answer all your questions. From what I understand the machine is built exactly like the Quebec, with the same size blade. The only difference is the size of motor. It doesn't turn as many rpms as the bigger motor; allowing you to do the same work with the bigger blade but it is more forgiving. As soon as "Uncle Sam" pays me what he owes me I'll be placing my order for one.


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