Frozen Ultrasoft

Submitted by Ed on 2/11/01. ( )

UPS left a package on my doorstop after I had closed the other day. It contained a bottle of ultrasoft relaxer and the outside temp got down to -1 before I arrived the next day. Is it still safe to use or should I submit a claim against UPS.

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Should still be OK!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/11/01. ( )

Sometimes its a lot faster to simply E-Mail me for an answer like this. We can always be reached at

Yes - the Rittels US-609 should be fine after thawing. Its a reversible product. However, dont try to "quick" thaw it. Let it thaw out at room temperature and it should be okey!

Enjoy the product! It's extremely good on Skins, Capes, Fish, Birds, and freezer burned specimens. For general use - use it 1 Part US-609 to 200 Parts Water. And for air dried, or greasy salt dried skins, or African skins, use it 1 Part US-609 to 100 Parts Water. Keep the Water lukewarm to cool.


This response submitted by Ed on 2/11/01. ( )

Bruce, Thanks for the quick response. Love your products!

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