Tanning time for Fox and Ez 100

Submitted by Len on 2/11/01. ( lfabich@pit.lysd.k12.ak.us )

I would like to hear from a variety of folks on here there recommendations for the time to leave a fox hide in a static tanning bucket. I am using EZ 100. Directions say less than 24 hours. What have you found that works best. Since it is a thin hide I was thinking about 15 hours. I have put in a small DC water pump for circulation. How much do you think this will speed up the process. It really seems to be circulating well.

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You may tan faster!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/11/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Len - you may find that you can pull that Fox in about 6-8 hours, or less, using a pump in there! Its pretty much what a wet drum does when tanneries use them. They use the folding and exposure to liquids as they tumble to tan in about 3-4 hours with EZ-100! Watch it carefully! I've never tried using a pump like that - so I cant tell you how long it takes - just guessing!


This response submitted by Len on 2/12/01. ( lfabich@pit.lysd.k12.ak.us )

Thanks Bruce now the big question. What do I watch carefully for, as you said? Hide Texture. It seems to be the only thing I can notice change. It gains a grainy feel. I would like some more input on what to look for a hide to know when it is tanned.

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