spray tan

Submitted by Tim on 2/11/01. ( )

Has anyone tried Ben Mears spray tan(preservative)I was just curious how it works.

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Seems to work well.

This response submitted by Kenneth on 2/11/01. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

I have used it on about the last dozen whitetails in my shop. I doubt if there is any type of tanning going on, but the color and mounting ease is unbelievable. Capes done with sodium sulfate and spray tan are beautiful and very soft looking. Believe it or not, but I am getting less shrinkage with this also. I can not get these results with the other methods I have used in the shop over the last 12 years. I did a few this way about three years ago, and they are holding up wonderfully. I'm sure many of the "pro's" will baulk at this method, but maybe they should give it a try. I was highly skeptical about something in a spray bottle also, but it sure produces a beautiful skin.

I tried it and it was ok.

This response submitted by John C on 2/11/01. ( )

Did several heads and some bobcats with it. Like I said it was ok. Nothing for me to write home about.

I sure as hell hope it last as I know bucket loads of people using it. I would hate to esee over half the mounts in Arkansas fall apart if it fails in a year or two.


This response submitted by scott on 2/11/01. ( )

Been using it for 4 years and the mounts in my shop still look as good as the day they were finished. I haven't had not one customer complain. Works Great !.......

spray tan

This response submitted by Tim on 2/12/01. ( )

Thanks for the response fellas.I am getting ready to try for the first time.I am curious as to how the mount will hold up over time so I am going to use one of my own.

BEN,S OWN.....

This response submitted by B.S.RHEA on 2/13/01. ( )

I buy most of my deer forms from ben,im usually in his shop once a week.Ive been very lucky to know such a great taxidermist and sculptor to get imformation from.Him ,his wife and all his staf are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.I know that ben uses spray tan on all his personnal mounts also .And believe me,if he didnt believe it would last, he shure wouldnt use it or sale it.He has a show room full of beautifull spray taned mounts that are several years old that look like they just come off the finnishing stand.If youve never mounted on one of bens forms your realy missing out on some of the best fitting forms on the market today.

B.S.Rhea(Spray Tan)

This response submitted by Tim on 2/18/01. ( )

B.S. Do you use Bens spray tan?If you do,do you use the skin-so-soft on the nose and around the eyes the way he says use it?I guess my real question is,how does it affect the ability to paint these areas since this seems to be some sort of oil.

P.S. Your are right about his forms.They are superior to all others I have used.Which is about all of the others.

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