Auto Tanner chemicals

Submitted by Todd B on 2/11/01. ( )

I know this question has popped up before but I did a search and had no luck.
I must not know how to word it properly to find my answer. Anyhow
I know the correct amount of chemicals to do a deer cape. My problem is that
I do not know how much crystal to use when mounting smaller mammals.
I need to tan a coyote cape and I plan on tanning a deer and a fox with it
but I do not know how much crystal to add. i bought the machine used
and do not have any instructions other than the ones I got from the previous owner.
which was for deer capes. I would appreciate someones help please.

Todd B

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Auto Tanner Chemicals

This response submitted by G. Yazel on 2/11/01. ( )


From what I understand, and what I have used for two years is a water-
to-chemical ratio. One pound of tan for every gallon of water used.
More hides in the tanner, more water it takes to "float" the hides.
Also, instructions call for 1/4 cup of oil per gallon of water. I have the
instuctions in the shop. If you need a copy of this, I can fax or E-mail
to you. This is provided you use the chemicals that are intended to be used with with the machine

Good Luck,
G. Yazel

Todd, through much experimenting.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 2/11/01. ( )

I have found that I can add ten ounces of crystals to 2 gallons of water and run the deer capes for two hours @ 60 psi, shave etc. return it for one hour to the same tan and get the job done. When I start running additional hides I add an extra twenty ounces of crystals and two more gallons of water. Same time etc. just ran four cats, 2 fox and a yote cape. last week. they all tanned fine.

I had a iffy deercape and ran 30 ounces of crystals an 4 gallons of water for 12 hours @ 60psi, it was small after shaving, relaxed it in Rittels Super Relaxer it mounted great and no slippage at all. JC

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