Submitted by Jim on 2/12/01. ( )

Could someone please explain how the auto tanner works. I have heard many complements and am not sure if all I have heard is true. Do you prepare the hide the same way as if you are sending it to a com. tannery? Fleshing, salting, etc.

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Auto Tanner

This response submitted by Ken Graf on 2/12/01. ( )

Jim I run 2 auto tanners and they run all the time with tanning over 150 whitetail alone I personal Flesh and SALT each cape before puting it in the auto tanner and have had GREAT resultes this is just my method i don't trust nothing i dont salt. JUST ME Ken

No salting for me!

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 2/12/01. ( )

I have run about 100 deer capes thru the Auto Tanner. No salting. I just flesh them on the beam, turn the ears, split the eyes, lips and nose - throw it in the tanner. I have not had any problems at all. And no mess with the salt.

I dont salt.

This response submitted by John C on 2/12/01. ( )

I never have salted a hide for the A-T, dont see the need, I know nothing about physics so whom out there whit a Doctorate in Physics can tell us how it works?

I just know it works well for me.

Steve R. [the manufacturer] tells me.....

This response submitted by Kristoph on 2/12/01. ( )

that there's a percentage of salt mixed in with the alum tannage crystals, that's probably why anyone that has one since they first became available like John C. and I can see the `slight erosion on the machine due to the salt content. I can on mine anyway, and have run them for a few years now. I too stick to the directions for the most part. I hear alot of people that only oil after completely tanning but I have a large tumbler and I think that takes care of any problems with oiling in the tanning process. I hold no degree in Physics either but am sure the speed of the tan has alot to do with the tanning solution being "forced" through the skin under the compressed air as opposed to just sitting in a solution until it soaks it up. Hopefully Bruce R. will see this and set us all straight.....Bruce?

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