Submitted by Carmen on 2/15/01. ( cae701@aol.com )

My question to the forum is this. When I first touch a deer cape, I turn the ears, split the lips and nose.Then, I go right at the meat and remove every spec I can.This seems to be very time consuming.Takes me about 1hr and 45 mins.Is their a quicker way? Should i salt before really getting into the fleshing to tighten up the meat alittle or am i going about it in the usual way.I use borax to tighten the meat a little.Then I use a mini flesher all the way until i need to use a scalpel and scissors for the fine detail areas. I do a good job, just wish it didn't take so long.I thought about buying a full size fleshing machine. Thanks for your Help!

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Two Cents

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/16/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

First off if your tanning your hides or sending them off stop using Borax. It causes havic on the pickle solution-high PH. You want to use hard wood saw dust instead.

But I read that you use the mini flesher. I did for years till I got the Eager Beaver. To use a mini flesher and a raw deer hide I will suggest that you skin the deer as best as possible, split lips,ears,etc, then salt over night. The next day shake off the salt and then use the mini-flesher. The meat will harden just right for the mini-flesher and the meat and the membrane will come off with better ease. Then resalt and dry.

thank You Frank

This response submitted by Carmen on 2/16/01. ( cae701@aol.com )

Frank,I didn't realize that borax would be a problem. I send my capes to Carolina fur and they are tanned using the wet tanning process.I have never had a problem with them and the tannery has never mentioned anything to me. I do plan on doing the capes myself soon! I thought about the new quebec lite machine. thanks again for the info.


This response submitted by Carmen on 2/16/01. ( Cae701@aol.com )

I forgot to ask, Do you do the same things you mentioned? Salt,then next day flesh, when you are using a full size fleshing machine?

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