Just a note about the Quebec Lite

Submitted by Todd B on 2/23/01. ( trigger@indy.net )

I just wanted to let anyone interested that I just got a Quebec Lite.
I installed it last night and just could not wait to give it try.
I had a whole back half of a deer to test it on. To give an idea
of how well it did I will say this. I had another flesher before and it took me around an hour to shave it and it was still not very thin.
Well with the Lite I shaved the whole back half of the deer in about 10 minutes. I am definately satisfied with the ease and speed of this machine. So if any of you have been thinking of getting one but were afraid to go ahead I think you will be satisfied.

Todd B

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Love the Quebec Lite

This response submitted by Jason on 2/25/01. ( Jaketax@afo.net )

I love this machine. I received mine last week and I can already shave all but the eyes and the nose in 10 minutes. I highly recommend this machine.

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