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Submitted by Brent on 2/24/01. ( )

I am currently pickling two deer capes in a Oxalic acid pickling with a pH of 1.5. I have added more acid as the pH began to want to go to around 2 - 2.2. The capes have been in the pickle for 1 1/2 days. I thought I had enough acid, but ran out this morning. The pH is at 1.5 right now, but if it wants to go up again, what can I use to lower it back down.

Please help


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This response submitted by Jeff C on 2/24/01. ( )

You can use vinager to lower your Ph or citric acid . However im not familiar with oxalic acid so I dont know if the citric acid will have a reaction with it, I'd go with the vinagar in an emergence.
Jeff C

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