question for Gerard Tessier"Quebec fleshing machines"

Submitted by Jeff on 2/24/01. ( )

Gerard, if I order direct from you Is the UPS cost higher and does
customs charge anything I don't want to appear to be cheep but I'm
just setting up shop so I'll need alot need to save where I can
would I save a few $ by ordering in this country "USA-I live
in pennsylvania " Thank you.

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What is the best way to buy?

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 2/25/01. ( )


Normally it should be the same cost. In both situations we take care
of the paper work for exportation, this service is included in our
price. Our representative takes an order, gives it to us and we send
the merchandise to the address we are given. In both situations,
it's the same shipping cost, but normally it's always better to do
business directly with the manufacturer.


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