HELP,need info on salt solution/pickle.

Submitted by Todd on 2/24/01. ( )

I've been doing taxidermy"part time" for about 2 years.I have been shipping my hides out to be tanned.

I'm in the middle of tanning my first hide,MY QUESTION,I fleshed the hide,salted and resalted. Now my hide is in a salt solution of 2 lbs. to 1 gal. water,its been there about 5 hours.I got the saftee acid mixed to specs.,BUT then forgot, I HAVE NO PH -PAPER.
What can i do? I will order ph paper on monday but probably wont get to wednsday. Is there anywhere to get ph paper besides a taxidermy place?
How long can i keep the hide in the salt solution?
Thanks for all your help,your info.has helped me many times... todd

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carefully mix the safette acid and pray that the PH is right

This response submitted by Leon on 2/24/01. ( )

carefully mix the safette acid following the instructions and pray that the PH is right, you can try stores like fleet farm, or maybe a pharmacy but the best way is to head to you local hospital to the laboratory, then just find the lab person and plead to them to give you a piece of ph paper.


Try a Pool Supply store

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or now that stores are gearing up for the spring, some even have pool supplies they are bringing out. Some will carry a pH testing paper (litmus paper), which will work. Sometimes your hardware stores will carry it, as well.
However, as long as you mix per instructions, you should be OK until you get your paper you ordered. Good luck!

Try your local pet shop

This response submitted by Pete on 2/25/01. ( )

Tod,First you should always make sure that you have all necessary supplies before you start anything. Try your local pet shop.They also carry PH kits and pH paper.I had the same problem once.I ran out of PH paper so I ran to the nearest Pet shop and bought it and it worked.Now I supply enough to last me at least a year.I do my own tanning using both EZ Tan & Liquatan.also You should invest on a salinometr to measure your salt in the pickle,Thats available at most Taxidermy suppliers catalogs.Good Luck and don't forget to also Neutralize the pickle before tanning.Pete T.


This response submitted by Todd on 2/25/01. ( )

Thanks for the help.I got it at pet store,the pool place only had paper W/ 6.5 and higher ph. thanks again

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