What do I charge?

Submitted by Josh R. on 2/17/01. ( elkhunter300@hotmail.com )

I was just wondering what I should charge my client. I am going to rough flesh and salt a domestic cow hide as well as a cow elk hide. I am going to then send them to a tannery. What should I charge him for this service?

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Tanning Charges

This response submitted by Old Fart on 2/17/01. ( )

I charge all tanning out to the customer at 3X what the tanner charges.
If the customer does the fleshing I will discount for his work but I
charge less than 2X the tanners charge.

Same here

This response submitted by John C on 2/17/01. ( )

Chances are that cow (bovine) was under stress, the hair may well slip, the shipping charges to get it to the tannery is going to be high, go for 4 times the tannery price. yo are going to earn every penny.

Oh my gosh....!

This response submitted by Lianne Bates on 2/17/01. ( )

4x? That means the last one I did would have cost the customer $1000! LOL Or $750 at 3X. Josh, take the tannery charge, add shipping BOTH ways, decide what you will flesh a cowhide for per hour. If you are adept at fleshing, it may take you 21/2 or 3 hours to flesh well. If it comes in wet from being hosed down, let it drain where air can get to it. Salt overnite and THEN flesh the next day. Salt again, etc. It won't slip. Don't forget to fold it before it gets TOO dry or you will need a really, really BIG box!LOL

tanning charges

This response submitted by mike on 2/18/01. ( mvp2620@yahoo.com )

I charge $10.00 a square foot, I have New Method do my tanning and they charge $5.75 sq ft. Although I live in northern California my shipping charges arn't that bad for the short distance. It only takes me an hour or two to flesh out a average size cow hide and as long as I make a hundred on the job I'm happy.

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