Salting a tube skin critter

Submitted by Terry on 2/17/01. ( )

Do you put the fur on the inside and salt outside. Or should fur be on the outside?

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try this

This response submitted by Rob on 2/17/01. ( )

invert the skin so the fur or hair is on the inside then salt.

salt outside

This response submitted by deerwoman on 2/17/01. ( )

Turn it so the flesh side is out and salt, rubbing salt in, put on a pelt stretcher and it will stretch to allow the salt in better, resalt next day and let the pelt dry on the stretcher. No not use the hooks on the stretcher. I am talking about fur drying stretchers, wire fram used by trappers.Make sure fur is dry too. I have been using this on case skinned taxidermy skins, including deer capes( I use a coyote stretcher for them), love how well it works to dry skins out. If you don't want to use the stretchers, just salt it flesh side out and fold once and let drain, resalt and let dry. No not use wire stretchers on white or other light colored skins, salt will rust metal and stain fur.

Thank you

This response submitted by Terry on 2/17/01. ( )

Thank you, I have acess to the stretchers and will give that a try.

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