How to tan a deer hide with hair for rug application?

Submitted by Gerald Maier on 2/25/01. ( )

I have a hide which was salted (pickling salt) and borax for approx. 4 months.
I washed off the salt/borax and let dry. The hide became stiff after awhile.
I searched on the internet and found out that to soak hide 6-8 days
in water with alum and salt.Then rinse, partial dry and apply neat's
foot.Presently I have the hide soaking in plain water.

My question is,what I'm presently doing is it okay then apply neat's
foot? Is the above info via internet correct? If so, where can I purchase
alum? Is there an alternate chemical more readily available?


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Send it out

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/25/01. ( )

Sorry but I would rather advise you send it to a tannery. Your better of doing this way. If you rather tan the hide yourself I would use the products sold by Bruce Rittel. He has many applications and methods that a home owner can use or try by themself.

Water,salt and alum is an old time method and is not wise to use for what you would like to do. But it will work but this is the new millennium. There are just better ways of doing this.

If your looking for products just go to the supply area in this WASCO site and look for the chemicals.

Well Frank

This response submitted by Bill on 2/25/01. ( )

It may be easier to send it out. Like you said its the new millinium.
lazyassitis seems to be common. I wonder if what you sent out will be around in a few hundred years. Or just be chucked out.....not to many craftsmen left around.

To Bill

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/26/01. ( )

I see you don't read to well either. As you can tell the gentleman above is a green horn, beginner etc. Were is laziness intendant. I explained to check the archives ans sent him to a site so that he can learn new ways and techniques on how to do things differently and more efficiently.

As far as a craftsmen I wouldn't even go there. I do tan my own hides. I prefer not to send them out. For as a craftsman I have total control. But to get this way a person needs to read and get some type of education first. Why just throw somebody in the fire and say do it. Read and learn first. maybe the person doesn't want to tan a hide after he is educated in how the process is done. Knowledge is great for those who use it properly.

I would agree with Frank

This response submitted by Dave on 2/26/01. ( )

I think Frank Is saving the man a lot of aggravation, Every year I have people call me and ask....How do I tan this deer hide? I try to discourage Them, However if they are very determined I give them the supplies needed and let them know this donít mean they are doing any thing wrong, And I send out flat hides myself. And in there mind they have visions of a soft supple deer hide for a little work and a few pennies, As us taxidermist know all to well that's not the case, Yes The average green horn would like to have the honors of saying "shoot.... I did it my self" But If ya don't have the proper equipment then it will not happen! We know the guy that asked what is neets foot oil, more then likely don't have a 8 foot tumbler, and to break by hand just don't really get it. As frank said.....SEND IT OUT!

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