Ticks in the hair

Submitted by Eric on 2/18/01. ( )

I'm in the process of pickling a deer cape. It looks like there are
hundreds of dead ticks in the hair, especially in the brisket. Does
anybody have any ideas on how to get them out?

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This response submitted by Gery on 2/18/01. ( )

Don't worry about the ticks for now. Go ahead through all your mounting and drying steps. When the mount is completely dry simply take a brush to the entire cape and they'll fall off. If you try to pick them off while the cape's wet it would take forever. When dry they brush right out.


This response submitted by John W. on 2/18/01. ( )

Eric, Gerys right. For one thing it would take you forever and another ,you might end up pulling a lot of hair out.After youre mounting is complete and you start to groom it youll brush a lot of the ticks out and the ones you dont will be coverd up anyway.Just remember ticks are our friends-NOT- I get so tickled at watching my wife and youngest boy run around my work table, as Im skinning a head out, killing every tick they can possibly see.

steel comb

This response submitted by Bill on 2/18/01. ( slipclan@futureone.com )

I found a fine tooth steel comb at a pet store, after the mount is dry those ticks comb right out, pretty near every one.

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