EZ-100 vsLutan F

Submitted by Dan on 2/25/01. ( )

For in shop tanning , which is best for mountain lion and deer? and why Thanks

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This response submitted by naaaaa on 2/26/01. ( don't wanta )

Don't want to give my name or e-mail as I really don't want to hear the weekend warriors tell me how I am wrong and they do better with ez100. However I am sorry to say I have tried Ez100, and have had a lot of slippage. I asked some of the tanneries what they thought of it ,and If they had tried it, they said the same thing. It gives real good stretch but you get a lot of slippage with it. Now you can dog me and say I am wrong, But I will say told ya so. And if you do use it and it works then keep on trucking........

Ez-100 has work for me I am sure Lufta-F is goo too

This response submitted by Leon on 2/26/01. ( mith124@hotmail.com )

Ez-100 has work for me I am sure Lufta-F is good too. I have not experience hair slipage with ez-100 Just finish tanning 5 foxes and they come up really good, i also tanned deer it come out really good I was surprise of the color that is left after, a really white color on the flesh side and the hair keeps its own color


E-z 100

This response submitted by Brandon on 2/26/01. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

E Z 100 is my favorite pick of the two. I just did 2 things and the Lutan one had slippage and the E Z 100 didn't. Might just of been me but i haven't gone wrong with it yet.

ez now partner

This response submitted by Len on 2/27/01. ( lfabich@pit.lysd.k12.ak.us )

I don't consider myself a weekend warriors but I am also not a professional tanner. I just do it in my home as a hobby. One thing I don't like to do is salt my hides as I have limiteds space and have not found it nec in the fresh hides that I do like fox, beaver, otter and wolf. Even with this I have not experienced the slippage discussed earlier with ez 100. I use my furs to sew with and want a garment tan that will not leach out. This is why I chose Ez over lutan.

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