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Submitted by Jeff S. on 2/26/01. ( )

Hi Bruce,
I was wondering the best and safest way to thaw out a raw mule deer cape that was brought to me already skinned off and frozen, when i received it ,it looks like it is very bloody.It came from Sasch.Canada.Not sure how well it was taken care of prior to receiving it.
Thanks for the time
Jeff S.

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Here's what I would do!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/27/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

If it were me - I'd allow it to thaw at room temperature, then I'd flesh it thoroughly! I'm assuming that from what you said, it's already skinned out completely. After splitting the lips, nose, eyes, and turning the ears, I'd run it under cold water to flush out the blood, then towel dry it - or - tumble it for 5 minutes in sawdust to clear out the excess water. Then I'd salt it, fold, not roll, and allow it to drain for 1-2 days. After 1-2 days, I'd shake it out, resalt it, fold, again allow to drain for 1-2 days, then shake out, and hang to dry! Drying it would be my best guarantee its going to make it. Once the hair is tight, and its hard and dry - unless it was horribly mishandled and beyond salvage - it should make it intact!

Thanks again Mr. Rittel

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 2/27/01. ( )

I will try it it that way
thank you,JEFF S.

Your the Man,Bruce!

This response submitted by Pete on 2/27/01. ( )

You're the head honcho of the Tanning industry.
Thanks for all the advice you give all of us on the Net.

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