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If hair/fur is going to slip at what stage of the tanning process would happen, SAlting,rehydrating,pickling,tanning or mounting?The reson i ask this is i bought a couple of capes and when they arrived they were defrosted and had a bad smell. I salted them and turned everything with no slippage or lose hair. Right now thier in the pickle and they still dont have lose hair. Did i save these capes or is it possible they will slip later on?
Thanks Jeff C

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It seams it might have worked. But your never sure till you tan it and mount it. You may have slight slippage or none at all. Keep going the chances are slim of any major slippage.

I just did one for a friend that said I think it was slipping as I was skinning it. Check it out for me. Well after just 1 hr in the rehydratetion bath all the hair on the face just fell off along with the rest of the cape. I called and asked what's going on here and how long or how was this cape handled. I never had a cape doing any kind of slippage of that magnitude. He then confessed on how it was slipping as he was skinning it out. The client had the hide hanging for days and I told him that I can save it. Well guess what, you need to get a hide. This became a totally hairless deer. I think it was just shedding. You know from winter to summer hair. Sum hair here and sum hair there. LOL

Acid Bath

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Hi Jeff, most of the time if I get a hide through the acid bath then I feel it will make it. Most of the time, if I have slippage, it happens during the rehydration. Since I started using eztan 100 I have not had any slippage except for a small spot (quarter size) where the bullet hit. I guess I have been lucky so far. I do salt dry mine completely and I think that has saved a few for me? Good luck with your "shedding" deer....


PS. For those loose haired deer I would skip the tumbler


This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply co. on 2/20/01. ( )

Hello Jeff,

I find that if a deer is going to slip,its usualy during the neutrilising of the pickle bath.The raised and the cape or hide totaly relaxes and returns to its green state,with or without the use of a good bactericide.The salting will definately tighten the skin up as well as the acid and salt combination in your pickle,and grab tightly to the hair. But when you neutrilise with baking soda or borax, it totaly relaxes and tends to loosen things up.For me....Thats when I notice the majority of of slippage,(IF) a skin is going to slip.

Have a good day,

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