Same? neutral. for L-tan as EZ-100 as read earlyer?

Submitted by Jim T on 2/27/01. ( )

I have read what Mr Rittel said to Dean about the ph levels for Ez100 and just woundered is it the same for Liq Tan.I have both products so need the info as I have two capes,and going to try both and it's my first tanning to do. Thanks

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This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. on 2/28/01. ( )

Hello Jim,
Liqua-Tan is an Synthetic tanning oil that is applied to the skin side and is the actual tannin. The ph is pre-established in the oils,where as E-Z 100 is a tanning solution that you cape or hide needs to be soaked in for about 17-22 hours.You need to establish the ph before you put your skins into the solution and it should be at 4.0

Even with the use of Liqua-Tan, you'll want to pickle your skins. with the use of any acidic product, you need to establish a ph level.It will vary, depending on the product you use.

There are a few different methods that you can use with the use of liqua-tan.
If you need more help or information on this, feel free to give me a call at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or e-mail me at this address.

Have a good day,

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