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Submitted by Dan on 2/27/01. ( )

I recieved a large lion the other day .which has been home tanned for five years with alum it has been in freezer .The gentleman who brought it to me would like it full body mounted. I mount 20 lifesize cougar a year but this one scares me, cat is stiff and oily. A older man who used to run a small local tanner told me to soak it pickle it and lutan f it. has any body ever done this?

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alum tan

This response submitted by mike d on 2/28/01. ( )

One of the drawbacks to an alum tan is that it will wash out!
It is OK for something that is going over a form, but not good for furs or garments because of this.
I would de-grease, soak and rinse a couple of times; until the skin feels raw again.
Then go straight into a pickle, shave if needed after a couple days.
Re-pickle and tan.
After washing out the alum tan treat it just as you would a rehydrated skin.

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