tanning air-dried rabbit hides

Submitted by Wava on 2/28/01. ( Wavabob@juno.com )

O.k., I have 21 airdried rabbit hides I want to tan and cut up into squares for a handout project at school. I perused the archives and I think I've got all the steps I need to do...does this sound right?

1.Relax in a salt brine (2lbs. salt to 1 gal water)
5.back into pickle

Questions: should I add basacryl to relax bath? Is there an easy way to get these hides soft once I'm done without breaking? Thanks in advance for any help.

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One other question...

This response submitted by Wava on 3/1/01. ( Wavabob@juno.com )

I'll be using pickling crystals and Lutan-F on these hides. Did some searching...would it help and would it be compatible to buy some acid bate to add to the pickle?

Don't forget to oil

This response submitted by Dan K on 3/1/01. ( furandhide@papadocs.com )

Acid bate is compatable and will help. Use a good oil after the tan and pull them by hand as they are drying. Also the use of Atlasol-177 (Van Dykes) in the Lutan bath will fluff the fur like they were tumbled as soon as they dry. Note: Atlasol is NOT compatable with EZ-tan or Basyn-tan in the same bath. Yes, add the basacryl in the rehyd. on all air dried hides.
Dan K

Thank you!

This response submitted by Wava on 3/1/01. ( )

Thanks for the advice. I will do as you suggest.

I know how to do it !

This response submitted by Brandt Dart on 3/3/01. ( )

soak them in alem and salt until they turn white.
Then stretch and dry them.Then break the fiber.

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