How long before tumbling

Submitted by Dan on 3/3/01. ( Tato )

OK,I have a question and need a back to basics tecnical advisor here.
I tanned a deer cape with Liquatan then froze to mount on a later date.My Question is I let it thaw,Rinse out the excess liquatan,how long should I allow it to drip/Drain before placing it in the tumbler?
your quick response is appreciated.thanks Dan

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Let it drip

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 3/3/01. ( )

A half an hour might do the ticket or an hour. It depends on how you squezzed the water out. It can be faster if you use towels to dry it and then put it in the tumbler.

Thank You

This response submitted by Dan on 3/4/01. ( )

Thanks Frank

spin Dry

This response submitted by Dan or Steve on 3/5/01. ( )

try useing a spin cycle on your washer after letting it hang for 15 min. then tumble. that's the crap!

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