stop slip and bacteriacides

Submitted by Tiffany on 3/14/01. ( )

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knows of another product that stops the slipping, besides stop slip, and comes in bigger less expensive quantities? I have a few road kill animals that are perfect condition, except I dont know how long they were dead before frozen (mink flying and fox squirrel) I would like to have them thaw out in the product to eliminate any slippage problems as these are really nice specimens to have aquired for free. It says on the bottle of stop slip that it cant be diluted, it this 100% true?
Thank you for anyone interested in sharing your experience.

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I did a roadkill bobcat a few weeks ago,...

This response submitted by Brandon on 3/14/01. ( )

and all i used was a strong solution (2oz for three gal. water)of Rittels bacteriacide, and as I was skinning I had a bowl of ice cold water mixed with bacteriacide, and Bollman's Ultra tight. It ended up with no slippage whatsoever. Hope I've helped.

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