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Submitted by Steve on 3/7/01. ( )

I just tanned and mounted 2 spanish goats that still have a smell.
The capes were pickled in saftee acid for 3 days,shaved,returned
to pickle,neutralized, and liqua tanned.Before mounting they were
soaked in Malagon deoderizer, that really didn't help to find out.
My question is, Is there a deoderizer that can be added right to the
pickle that might help with goat odors.I'm not sure if any could be added as it might mess up the ph or something. As for the 2goats
already mounted,any suggestions?I've tried a pet spray and that doesn't seem to help either. Anyones opinion would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by John W. on 3/7/01. ( )

Steve, Knoblochs makes a finishing deodorizer that you can spray or wipe on youre mount, it smells almost like Pinesol times 10.


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/7/01. ( )

Steve - Rittels has a product we call Kilz-Odor (#KO-614). It doesnt mask odors - it neutralizes them. So it doesnt replace one odor with another - which sometimes can be a very bad combination. However, its intended to be used on odors that dont regenerate, so its wise on the mounted gameheads to let them thoroughly dry and then spray them with it to eliminate the odor. In the future - it may be wise to degrease those skins that obviously smell bad, while they are pickled. Since most musks are waxy or oil based, this will eliminate a lot of the odor.

I'll take one,Bruce

This response submitted by can't say on 3/8/01. ( )

I wonder if that would work on bad breath,My working partner sure needs it.Do you think if he gargles twice,would that do it? or Shall he try Safety acid?

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