Degrease before salting?

Submitted by Mark F on 3/16/01. ( )

Do I need to degrease my bear/fox/coon before I salt and ship to tannery? Also, does degreasing in the early fleshing stage help make it easier to flesh the fat off? Any help would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks in advance.

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No Degrease

This response submitted by Todd on 3/16/01. ( )

If your going to send a hide to the tannery you dont have to degrease,they'll take care of it.Just turn, flesh,salt,resalt,let dry and ship.You'll get a nice clean hide back.

Tannery hides

This response submitted by Dan on 3/18/01. ( )

To prep for tannery you need to get the fat off with a knife,so the salt can penetrate and draw moisture away from the hair roots, this is neccesary, I use borax during this defatting process, it helps me grip and absorbs some blood and grease, Then salt overnight, brush it off and resalt, I then hang it and run a fan on it until it's dry.Then it's ready to ship. Get your hides prepped and shipped before the high humidities of summer hit is also a good idea. Hope this helps,...Dan.

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