rattlesnake skin curring

Submitted by Robert Franz on 3/20/01. ( backlash@tisd.net )

i have 2 rattlesnake skins curring in antifreeze for about 1 week.
how long do they need to soak before ready to handle? i'm a newbee
to this,so please explain in easy to understand terms! thanx!

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Wrong stuff to soak them in.

This response submitted by John C on 3/20/01. ( )

They will be green. Who is the idiot that told you to soak them in antifreeze?

WASCO makes a very good product for the beginner in thier reptile tanning kit.

They should have been skinned, fleshed, salted, tacked down to dry and oiled with denatured alc and glycerin mixed 50/50. Better luck next time!

rattle snake skin, what to use to keep it from drying out

This response submitted by jim wertin on 7/5/01. ( j.wertin@att.net )

I have a R/S skin on my harley gas tank. Need to know what to use to keep it from drying out?

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