putting a shine on fur

Submitted by tom s on 3/8/01. ( )

could anyone tell me how to put a shine on home tanned furs? i've used hair sheen but i don't seem to get a nice clean looking fur. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, tom

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This response submitted by Rick on 3/9/01. ( )

I was looking through a Ben Mears catalog one day and something stood out to me in his catalog. His mounts were very well groomed and shiny! I was so impressed that I called him and asked him about it. He informed me that he uses 1-oz. of Avon Skin-So-Soft mixed with 32 oz. of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and grooms with this formula. I use about a 1:10 oz. ratio, spray on and wipe down with a damp sponge during mounting and when finishing. They turn out real nice and shiny and the hair sets well too. Sometimes I still have to use some super-duty hair gel on stubborn seams. I've also mixed baby oil with the alcohol in a pinch and get similar results. NOTE: The mounts do smell a bit feminine after grooming! The wives seem to like it though! Good luck. ...RickJ

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