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Mr.Rittel first I want to thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us here on the forum.I truley appreciate it.I bought my first fleshing machine recently and a EZ-100 kit.I have been doing my heads with DP and I am in the process of giving up that bad habit.It seems from what I have read on the forum that one of the most important steps in achieving a good tan is getting the skin thin enough.Is there a certian thickness to shoot for? How will I know when Im there? I was also wondering if there was anything I could put on the skin to make fleshing easier? I know that DP will raise the PH.Also how important is it to remove the ear cartilige before tanning?

Thanks Tim

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Not Bruce but...

This response submitted by Brandon on 3/9/01. ( )

you just go until you can see blue.

Good advice!

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Brandon is right - you shave until you see a hint of blue in the skin, and stop! As far as putting something on the skin to get a better "grab" - try rubbing sawdust over it. Sawdust is inert and wont affect anything, but it is used to serve as an indicator. Some guys also use it while shaving to indicate the areas already shaved, but I've never had a problem with that, so I dont. As far as removing the ear cartlidge - thats a matter of how you mount. Some guys bondo "with" the cartlidge, some dont. Some use earliners and always remove it. Its a matter of preference, but the best time to remove it is when I'm splitting the lips, eyes, nose, and turning the ears. I find it doesnt pull hair through as much as later when its pickled, or tanned and rehydrated.

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