making leather

Submitted by furchaser on 3/17/01. ( )

I have a bunch of deer hides left over. Going to try to make leather without hair. Do I need to pickle? Any help with steps with help. I've tanned with hair on, but this is a new experience. Another question for anybody that knows how to brain tan, after tanning, could you put the hide in a 6 foot-tall 4 foot-wide tumbler to break? Thanks for your help! Furchaser

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This response submitted by John W. on 3/17/01. ( )

Furchaser, Knoblochs makes a hair-off kit which I use, I dont know if Rittels makes one or not, but if you call Bruce Rittel or Mark Danielsthey could give you all the info you need.Mark Daniels is at Knoblochs just in case you were wondering who he was, hope this helps you out.

Braintanning is a lot of work

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/18/01. ( )

furchaser, I have experimented with a few tans and I have successfully(I think) braintanned about 4 deer hides,the process to get the brain(tanning(?) agent) into the hide requires manual stretching and rubbing of the hide over a stake or blunt object to create a low "heat" to allow the brain to penetrate the fibers of the skin to let it relax and fluff.I doubt if tumbling will get the results you really want. I can maybe help you further if you email me direct.

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